CatLooking:安心寫作協助工具是一款專心寫作工具,可選白天黑夜模式,文字會優美的自動滾屏,支援 Windows和Ubuntu,自動儲存,可匯出 txt 格式。



if you looking for a [lace to be left alone with your thoughts and write in a peaceful environment,Catlooking is a good start.Unfortunately,it can’t do anything for the kids running and screaming around you

the new catlooking has less buttons to give you more place for your inspiration. text will not disappear if you quit catlooking.i konw that your operation system may crash,so your text saves every 30 other words:don;t worry about your text,just be concentrate.

if you are writing at night your screen could be very bright.that’s not so good for your eyes. in this  case i advice you to switch to the night mode.this kind of environment is more suitable for a night time. and when you finished you can export your text from caatlooking.



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