Dragdis工具的其中一個功能就是與Evernote 類似,儲存網頁上的各種資訊,不過evernote使用起來不是很方便,功能上有點臃腫,而Dragdis使用起來更加直觀,你在網路上收集的內容都是儲存在Dragdis賬戶下,使用起來就跟書籤類似,而不用開啟其他第三方程式來呼叫。


Ideas don’t come from nothing. Nah. That is why we all are in a constant pursuit of discoveries and new sources of inspiration. All these great things, however, have a mischievous tendency to get lost in a mess we make of them, and eventually finding them on our own computer might turn out to be harder than it was on the World Wide Web.

Dragdis is here to make collecting things seamless by helping you put your discoveries to the right place the second you come across them. Drag & drop anything anywhere. Collect images, texts, links or videos to your private folders or post directly to Facebook, Twitter & (soon to come) Tumblr, Dropbox, Pinterest etc.

Driven by our passion for simplicity, we work hard to offer you new cluster-free habits. We are convinced that Dragdis brings a fundamental shift in how people move content around.



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