Fanatix 還會推送來自專業體育部落格的相關點評、來自 Instagram 的相關圖片、來自 Youtube 的相關視訊、以及來自 Facebook 和 Twitter 的相關發言。在 Fanatix 的支援下,你不僅不再孤單,還能從多維度欣賞一場體育賽事。

fanatix is the definitive sports companion for your iPhone. We’re re-imagining the back page, making it personal and social, so you’ll be first to get all the action from the teams, leagues and sports you love to follow!

1、official video highlights from English football club channels, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS and Brasileiro;

2、real-time feed of all the latest sports news from the leading sports blogs and websites around the world;

3、one-touch personalisation for a feed of only articles from the teams you follow;

4、official Instagram feeds from the clubs you follow;

5、official Twitter feeds from the clubs you follow。



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