wowOwow是美國瓊妮•埃文斯(Joni Evans)建立了一家面向四十歲以上女性的網站,是一個女人們的談論文化政治、分享趣聞軼事的網站。


We close with a thought from Lesley Stahl, who pondered for us why exactly we talk to each other. She said, “There’s some deep, atavistic need women have to get together with each other and talk. It’s as essential to us as food, shelter and love. Maybe it’s something ancient leftover in us from when the cavemen went off to hunt, and we sat in a circle with each other back at the cave, waiting. When we go a long time without this kind of female conversation we feel deprived. And when we do sit and talk, we feel better.”



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