Coolspotters is an online service that makes it easy to discover and buy the products, brands, and fashions being used by your favorite celebrities – in their real lives, and in movies and television.

We all see great stuff being worn and used by our favorite celebrities – in magazines, TV, in movies – but there’s never been an easy way to find out exactly what the great stuff is! So, we built one.

Today’s trends for clothes, shoes, sunglasses, cell phones, cars (and just about everything else) start with the world’s true trend-setters – celebrities and public figures. And usually, by the time something cool trickles down to the rest of us…it’s not cool anymore. It’s yesterday. It’s over. It’s so last season.

Until now, the only glimpse you’d get into the product choices of your favorite actor, athlete, musician, or other public figure was from a page in a magazine, an hard-to-search blog, or some side feature on a celebrity website. Coolspotters makes it super easy to discover and buy the products used by your favorite celebrities. And the best part is, all the content is created by YOU.



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