首次使用 mysms 需要啟用,輸入手機號碼後,你回接到一個來自美國號碼的電話,接聽它,仔細聽裡面的數字(英文),那個是啟用驗證碼;之後就可以正常使用了,除了雲同步,mysms 還可以將簡訊儲存在 Evernote 中。

mysms Messenger is a completely free messaging service that supports texting on your smartphone, computer and tablet. mysms works cross-platform and is always free of charge. Stay connected with your friends and family no matter where they are.

You can only use this with other MySMS users… Waste of time. I suggest you move that part of the app description to the very top. I am not going to invite all 50+ people I text on a daily basis, just so I can text from my tablet. Make it work with existing contacts/phone numbers and iMessage and then we will talk about the $4 for the pro version. Or make that a pro feature! Integration, not separation…



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