Learning paths are a simple way for you to add and organize educational materials to your inquiry and then auto-save them to your profile for later use and editing. Simply click on [insert graphic of yellow circle with + sign] when you scroll over any thumbnail asset or any page that is relevant for your inquiry and you’ll see your asset in your learning path. For your benefit, learning paths are all auto-saved to your profile and you have free access to see the learning paths of your fellow students, professors and TAs.

Although many of our users find value on Learning Ace without the need for Subscriptions, you can get access to premium materials from the best Educators, Authors and Publishers through our Subscription feature – where you buy or earn tokens and then redeem them against any of our premium modular materials (vs. buying all the assets at one time like an offline textbook). These subscriptions are typically structured as access to one or more modular materials for a period time for a fixed number of tokens.

Owned and operated by Ace Learning Company, we at Learning Ace strive to be the world’s largest and most valuable destination to college students globally. Based in Silicon Valley, Learning Ace combines the most relevant educational materials today with our next generational adaptive learning technology. Recognizing that it is challenging for most students to complete their college studies successfully, our hope is to provide students with the most compelling personalized educational experience based on their ongoing learning gaps (“getting students back on track” quickly).



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