KellySearch:國際目錄式B2B外貿搜尋平臺是由英國的Reed Elsevier集團創辦,  Kellysearch發起過catalog on-line專案,旨在將全球企業的公司宣傳冊和產品手冊直接放置在網站上,供全球採購商查詢和瀏覽。


英國的Reed Elsevier公司是全球最大的商業展覽公司,全年安排460個展覽會,覆蓋52個不同行業,每年參展商9萬家,買家人數超過550萬,包括建材、電子、電訊、科技、出版印刷、運動、家庭用品等行業。Reed亦是全球最大的B2B雜誌,刊物出版商。每年出版超過10000本不同行業的雜誌及刊物。

在歐美的工商業中,Kellysearch享有很高的地位,首頁有著類似Google一樣的簡潔入口和搜尋條。 直接搜尋結果是產品目錄連結,包含匹配的供應商數量。

Kellysearch has come a long, long way in the last 200 years. And, thankfully, we’ve learnt a few things about business. But from our earliest beginnings as the Kelly’s business directory, we’ve managed to successfully evolve and change to remain focussed on what matters the most – delivering the right results for Kellysearch users.

For many millions of businesses the world over, Kellysearch is the only search engine for finding exactly what’s needed exactly when it’s needed. Whether our users are searching for products, or services, or searching for a market for their products and services, Kellysearch delivers the results that help improve business.

That’s a big claim. But it comes from a big search engine. Kellysearch is backed by the Reed Elsevier Business Publishing Group – making Kellysearch one of the largest business search engine resources in the world. We have access to and partnerships with every corner of the Reed Business Information empire and we maximise those opportunities daily as we attract millions of users to Kellysearch and make millions of data entries available to those visitors.

Although it’s not just ‘big’ that makes us beautiful. We know how to keep things simple too. Our success and popularity rely on our ability to deliver results quickly and easily. The Kellysearch search engine is breathtakingly big and jaw-droppingly powerful, but so what – who cares? For the most part, our customers just want a handful of results – as long as they’re the right results. So while technology is vitally important to us, it’s the user experience that’s important to you. We know that. Kellysearch is clean, simple, easy, fast… and we have a worldwide team of dedicated professionals (yes – real people!) to help understand your needs and deliver against them. In business, it doesn’t get much better than that.



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