Lan Trace Router database Lantrace,Lantrace路由資料庫收錄了全世界500多家路由器廠商的超過 3000種路由型號的路由器。在這個網站上基本上包括了全球的路由器廠家的各種路由器的型號和配置資訊。可以說是有最全面的預設路由器的密碼和配置資訊的 路由器資訊資料庫。

LanTrace:全球路由器資訊資料庫, the most comprehensive default router password and configuration site online. Our active community and userbase updates daily router settings here on our database to build a beneficial library source of default router settings for the thousands of routers found in the world. No matter your networking needs, you are sure to find the router information you are looking for here on If not, we ask that you submit default router configurations to help others in their search when problems are encountered. Submitting router information is quick, free, and best of all – helpful to others!



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