Joyus:美妝時尚視訊導購平臺是一個通過將流媒體視訊與美妝時尚相結合,Joyus 為消費者提供一種“先看再買”的引導模式來進行購物的平臺。


Joyus聯手知名時尚品牌為使用者帶來優質的產品展示視訊,同時引導他們作出最終購買決定。 另外Joyus 還效仿了創意商品閃購服務 Fab 的“限時折扣”模式,以期讓消費者更容易作出決策。當然使用者還可以通過“一鍵分享”按鈕將這些商品分享至包括 Facebook、Google+ 或 Twitter 等社交網站上。

當用戶觀賞產品視訊時,Joyus 能夠估算出最終銷售收入,並利用線上視訊驅動銷售的資料創造出第一份投資回報列表。Joyus 公佈的最新報告顯示,使用者每觀看一次視訊,Joyus 平均便可以給合作伙伴帶去47到93美分的收入;若換算為大單位的話,這意味著每1000次的視訊觀看就可以為品牌公司帶來470美元到930美元的直接銷售收入。相比傳統的購物網站,Joyus 的訪客轉化率為5.15倍。目前,Joyus 的主要盈利模式為向商家提供銷售工具然後獲得分成。

Welcome to Joyus, a brand new online shopping experience to help you discover and buy the things you’ll love.

Our purpose at Joyus is to help delight and transform your shopping experience by harnessing the power of video. Each week our amazing curators share their special apparel, beauty and lifestyle finds with you and then show you how to make them work for you. Each item is available for sale for a limited time through our exclusive video sales platform, making it easy for you to buy the things you love. You can also easily share these videos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with just a simple click.

Whether it’s uncovering the latest trends, bringing our favorite brands with you, or solving a dilemma – all our video sales share one thing in common. We believe that sharing our authentic passion and finds with you is the key to creating a truly Joyus shopping experience online.



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