Hoverinc:線上3D眾包地圖製作平臺是一家3D眾包地圖創業公司,它利用各種圖片來製作 3D 地圖,這些圖片可以來自智慧手機的拍照、無人駕駛飛機的攝影、衛星圖片,甚至是家庭電影裡的場景圖。與Waze有點類似,它也通過其研發的軟體實時將這些圖片轉換為3D地圖,目前主要賣給美國軍方和政府部門。



Hover is dedicated to bringing advanced 3D computer vision technology to the marketplace, with a focus on crowdsourced imagery.

Working out of a converted Italian restaurant in downtown Los Altos, we’re a small and unique team of passionate folks united in the goal to deliver the living ambiance and atmosphere of any region, something that the existing 2D map browsing world simply cannot do.

By streamlining locations and opportunities and replacing superfluous clicks and page changes with a seamless, singular and living user interface, Hover delivers the ultimate intuitive browsing experience.

The living 3D model is optimal because it is not a simulation of the real neighborhood, it is the real neighborhood.



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