HomeDSGN 網站是有法國人Eric于于2011年成立,他著重分享歐洲和美國的室內設計專案,目前已收錄了4000多個設計專案和數萬張設計作品圖片,喜歡室內設計的使用者不煩多多關注該網站,你會發現很多精美的設計作品。

Founded on January first, 2011, HomeDSGN.com is an online publication focused on Interior Design and Inspirational Contemporary Homes.

Here at HomeDSGN, our mission is to scour the globe, find the best interior designs and inspirational homes and give the widest exposure we can to talented architects and designers.

From $100,000 homes to multi million dollar properties, HomeDSGN is the place to visit daily if you are looking for fresh and innovative ideas for your contemporary or more traditional home.

In one year, HomeDSGN has established itself as one of the leading websites in its field due to its understanding of what our readers are really looking for: the best and most desirable homes and interiors from all around the world!



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