WoodReview 木工雜誌有澳大利亞亞法出版集團創辦,這個成立於1925年的媒體公司前身為AdNews廣告公司,後來創辦了多款優秀的雜誌發現產品,贏得了過大讀者的喜愛。

Yaffa Publishing Group was founded in 1925 with the publication of Newspaper News, the forerunner to AdNews, Australia’s leading advertising, media and marketing magazine.

The company has expanded significantly since then but remains an independent, Australian-owned operation. Yaffa publishes over 35 consumer and business-to-business magazines and is the country’s leading marine publisher with titles such as Cruising Helmsman, Australian Sailing and Australian Yachting.

It is also Australia’s premier photography magazine publisher with titles including Australian Photography, Capture and Digital Photography & Design.

Yaffa publishes the oldest and best-selling fishing magazine in the country; Fishing World, as well as Nature & Health, Great Walks and Australian Flying.

Its business-to-business division incorporates over 15 titles spanning industries such as fashion, advertising, healthcare, foodservice and packaging.

First published in 1992 by Raf and Linda Nathan, Australian Wood Review is a leading quarterly magazine for fine woodworkers that features projects, techniques, tool and machinery reviews as well as profiles of woodworkers and the things they make.




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