該網站愛好企業家的創業精神,支援創新觀念。如果使用者擁有或者曾經看到過好的點子或發明, 可以告知Gizmag網站,因為該網站的目標就是要覆蓋所有形式的創新。如果使用者在產品或資訊釋出之前獲取了相關的資訊,為了方便Gizmag網站進行書面報道,請與Gizmag網站取得聯絡。

Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields of human endeavor – everything from computing, communication and automation, through social innovation, new ideas, inventions, and services to enhance life, work and play for people of all ages.

Gizmag is entirely free to readers, listeners and viewers. Our income is entirely derived from web and email advertising however we don’t sell any of the products, ideas or services we write about, so when you see enthusiasm and passion, you know it’s not financially motivated. Similarly, we do not sell editorial or advertorial, or allow advertising to influence the tone or direction of our editorial. Our obligation is to our readership, not our advertisers.

We strive for a balanced news coverage and we are entirely independent. We write for a global audience and our outlook is not biased toward or against any country, gender, race or religion. Our aim is to eventually offer Gizmag’s content in all major formats and languages and some minor ones too.



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