Feedage RSS 資源訂閱的特點是免費、分類詳細、支援搜尋RSS資源;如果你是站長還可以把自己的RSS資源釋出到該平臺上,提供網站的流量和使用者粘合度。

Feedage is a free, fully categorized and searchable RSS directory. Our mission is to categorize the large number of RSS data feeds available to make it easier for you to find and subscribe to the content you are interested in.

It’s Easy: Interested in Economics? Either click the Economics category or Search for more specific economic terms. You will get a sorted list of RSS feeds that match your criteria just like a search engine. See some that interest you? Click on their title and you will be shown the current preview of the feed. Then you need to simply click on a subscription button that matches your reader and the feed will be added to your reader.

Feedage currently contains RSS, XML, OPML, RDF and Atom feeds. These are the most common syndication formats.



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