Ektoplazm 網站是一個基於社群模式的音樂分享網站,該網站成立於2001年,提供迷幻、電子舞曲、個性化音樂等,目前是世界上最大的免版權的分秒音樂分銷平臺,所有的音樂提供MP3和FLAC、WAV三種不同的格式,超過50萬首歌曲任你下載。


名詞解釋:Psytrance也叫做 Psychedelic trance, 是一種電子音樂的流派。在90年代早期, 它主要從Goa trance發展而來,並逐步進入主流音樂的範圍。Planet Dog record 這個廠牌下的Timeshard 和 Eat Static等被認為是對其最有影響力的Goa Trance音樂家。最早的純Psytrance 來自於 Dragonfly Records這個廠牌下的音樂藝人。

Ektoplazm is named for the immaterial or ethereal emanation that surrounds a person in a deep state of trance. Although the root word “ectoplasm” was originally a biological term (it means “outside skin”), parapsychologists and the occult adopted it for their own uses in the late 19th century.

In the new millennium, the term serves as a reference to the elusive “vibe” revellers experience at proper trance gatherings. Imagine it as a sort of inexplicable luminous glow that can be perceived surrounding a “fully activated” dance floor.

If that seems slightly too obscure and mystical, consider the beaming smiles and bright-eyed excitement that accompanies a deeply satisfying musical experience—and the social connectivity such a state encourages. This is what the psychedelic trance experience is all about: breaking through to new states of consciousness and awareness by manipulating reality with sound, light, and motion.



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