Web3Canvas:網站設計免費資源分享網是一個提供網站模版、網站素材、HTML5 CSS3模版、UI設計、WordPress主題、PSD檔案、jQuery外掛、圖形圖示等資源的分享網站。



Web3Canvas provides premium like templates and resources for free. Here you will get premium HTML5 CSS3 templates, UI elements, WordPress themes, PSD files, Jquery plugins, Graphics, Icons and more… for free!! Also we are providing tutorials, articles, giveaways etc. All of our resources are handcrafted by experienced professionals to maintain the quality. Also we have a Premium section having quality resources at reasonable price because all of the resources are coming directly from the makers.

The name “Web3Canvas” originated from 2 words, “Web3” and “Canvas”. Web3 came from Web 3.0 (also means www i.e., w3 or web3) and Canvas from <canvas> tag of html5.

Web3Canvas was founded by Surjith SM, Senior UX/UI Designer/Strategist from God’s own Country, India. Surjith has over 5 years’ experience in designing outstanding web-based products for consumer-oriented websites. He is passionate to learn new stuffs and like reading tech blogs and articles.



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