Top Documentary Films或簡稱為TDF,Vlatko建立該網站源於多年以前他瘋狂地愛上了紀錄片,並收集了許多關於紀錄片的知識。後來,他便開始收集各式各樣的紀錄片,結果非常理想,於是他便將這些記錄片全部放到了網上,該網站便形成了。



My name is Vlatko and I’m the owner of this site. It all started some time ago when I “fell in love” with documentaries in quest for more knowledge. I then started searching for documentaries and found a whole bunch and decided to put them all on this site.

The content here is created with a passion for documentary films, the site is in open form and it is allowing readers to add comments about documentary films they like or dislike.

In so doing, I hope to provide a valuable resource to those with an interest in documentary films and in future I hope to help independent documentary filmmakers and festival coordinators promote their films and events.

TDF offers full watchable documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources. In case you decide to buy your favorite documentary film, or you want to get some more information on some of the docs there is a store available for that. Documentaries are classified in categories and you can easily find what you are looking for.

In a short period of time TDF became very powerful alternative educational resource and a very busy place thanks to visitors who obviously (according to stats, comments and tons of emails) like it (thank you all for that). Information scattered around the web assembled and categorized in easy to use website called Top Documentary Films.



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