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The site is updated by its community. User members search the net for the most interesting opinion pieces, news items and articles with hundreds submitted by N4G contributors each day. The most interesting ones feature on the N4G homepages where they are rated by a temperature score reflecting the popularity of each story.

N4G also keeps track of video game review scores from other sites, and combines them to present an average rating for each game.

N4G is a social game news site that is part of the NewsBoiler network. NewsBoiler is a network of social news sites, each with a passionate community sharing and discussing the latest news in their dedicated sector. Our passionate community combined with an unique news ranking algorithm, has made NewsBoiler one of the most visited news services on the net with millions of monthly users.

As a member of N4G you can participate in discussions as well as contribute news stories to the site. When you first sign up you will start out as a normal member. This will allow you to post comments, submit news tips, and participate in other site activities. If you pass the contributors test you will also be able to post and approve news stories.



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