使用基於 Metail 3D 視覺化技術,使用者只須上傳靚照、勾選三圍就可完成個人模特(MeModel)建立,甚至還可以對面部特徵美化、美妝。使用者只需提交一次照片,只要在 Metail 合作電商購物都可直接“試衣 “。如果逢年過節不幸吃胖也可以隨時做出調整。

Metail 並不向電商平臺收取技術使用費,而是從每筆交易中提成,這樣也使其更可持續。目前其客戶包括英國的 Tesco、Warehouse 和 the Shop Direct Group ,亞洲 SingTel ,德國的 Zalando 和巴西的 Dafiti。

We know how frustrating and off-putting it can be to buy the wrong size or receive your order and realise it looks completely different on you than on the model in the website.

That’s where Metail comes in!With just a few measurements and a little 3D technology, Metail gives you an accurate representation of how you’ll look in the latest garments before you make the purchase.No more guessing games. No more returns.No more disappointment. Simple.



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