ClearData:線上健康醫療雲端計算平臺是由製藥公司默克和 Excel Venture投資創辦的健康醫療AWS雲平臺,它提供符合 HIPAA 法案標準 (該標準很強調醫療資訊保安) 的醫療資料和應用的託管服務。


ClearDATA is the only cloud computing company 100% exclusively dedicated to the healthcare industry. Its HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting Platform was designed and built to be “best-in-class” based on powerful, secure, reliable network management architecture and data centers.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, your medical IT department faces many diverse challenges with rapidly changing technologies, rising costs, increased security and privacy regulations, and a greater need for reliability.

While medical IT infrastructure is well-suited for many workloads, it may struggle under these increased technological and budgetary demands. Adding more servers and storage to your existing server environment or data center is not the most cost effective or efficient solution to this problem.



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