McKinsey on Society的主要目標是建立一個集所有富有吸引力和啟發性的報告,文章,多媒體內容為一體的線上平臺。McKinsey on Society部門幫助世界上頂級的機構解決週期性的複雜社會挑戰。McKinsey on Society從麥肯錫公司的員工中挑選出一批精英骨幹,幫助客戶越多社會挑戰,並做出有意義的,可持續的社會改變。

McKinsey on Society建立的主要目的是從工作和研究的過程中獲得經驗和見解。社會的召喚專案啟動的目的是召集來自世界各地的思想家,為人類社會化提供應對社會最複雜的挑戰相關的建議。這些觀點和建議豐富多樣,舞動人心。他們來自學術界,建立起額組織,採取新的方法學和思考方式幫助人們解決問題。

McKinsey on Society is the online publishing site for the firm, which houses McKinsey’s latest insights on pressing social issues. The site draws together research and resources from across the firm, in order to share our collective insights on five major societal topics: Global Health, Economic Development, Education, Social Innovation and Sustainability.

Voices on Society is a section of the site that aims to convene thinkers from around the world on a single topic at a time, offering their perspectives on the world’s most complex societal challenges. Each volume focuses on a new challenge, bringing an array of rich content to bear, whether the issue is providing education for young people in Africa, healthcare to new mothers in India, or controls on the emission of greenhouse gases in the developed world. The viewpoints are diverse and provocative. They come from all sectors, including academia, government and corporate, as well as from the frontiers of new thinking and new methodologies.



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