You know that feeling you get when you’re scoping the offerings at an auto show, flipping through an issue of SkyMall or receiving a generous second helping of bacon? We do, and it’s the simple reason we started Cool Material. Sit back and relax with your iPad and craft beer while we bring you all the stuff that makes a man’s heart race (like iPads and craft beers).

Whether you’re looking for a new watch, some guy-friendly art, an upgrade to your wardrobe or the latest gadget, we’ve got you covered. Want some of the stuff we feature but don’t want to fill up shopping carts all over the web? Check out the Cool Material Shop. Plus, for all the stuff in a guy’s life that can’t be purchased (like insanely hot women . . . well, at least in most places) make your way over to The Roundup. So, instead of browsing the web for hours, buying magazines that cost five bucks a pop and wandering the side streets of NYC, just bookmark us and strongly consider taking on a second job.



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