這家公司在業界經營已超過 13 年,並獲得多家知名投資機構高達總共 1.17 億美金的注資,包括 Benchmark,Index Ventures 和 Spark Capital。

獲得融資之後的 1stdibs 進入高速發展期。資料顯示,1stdibs 網站流量在過去的 6 個月內翻了一倍,線上成交額度以及買家註冊數也劇增,而且平均客單價超過 2000 美元。目前,該網站使用者已遍及德國、澳大利亞、比利時以及荷蘭、丹麥、瑞典、義大利和西班牙等全球多個國家。

In 2001, young, passionate, luxury real estate dealer Michael Bruno visited the historic Paris Marché aux Puces and found items of such beauty and authenticity, he was moved to purchase several for his own collection. But, like stumbling upon a great new restaurant or overhearing a juicy secret, Bruno couldn’t keep this discovery to himself. He created the website 1stdibs.com as a vehicle for sharing his find with the world. In just over a decade, 1stdibs has grown quickly to become the premier online luxury marketplace. It’s a testament to the quality of items and services made available and the enduring reputation of the dealers featured on our site.



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