Chromatik:線上音樂教學和訓練平臺是一個針對專業的樂手、樂團、合唱團及音樂教學的機構,樂手可以上傳、同步並共享自己的 pdf 版樂譜,直接把樂譜收納到 iPad 裡用不著帶紙質樂譜了。


Chromatik擁有它有網頁版和 iPad 應用,樂手在練習時還能用它來錄音,將錄音分享給自己的老師 / 朋友就能收到及時的評價和反饋。對於音樂老師而言,可將 Chromatik 用作是跟蹤並記錄學生練習情況的工具。在樂譜上做的標記也是可同步到雲端的。

Matt Sandler is a professional musician and entrepreneur. He has extensively toured the West Coast, taught woodwinds in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and was recently a lecturer in music technology at UCLA. However, performing and teaching music was not always his gig — Matt’s held A&R and technology roles at KROQ 106.7FM and Capitol Records.

And from there, he was on the early team of the social marketing startup CitizenNet, leading business development and sales. Blending his experiences in technology and education, Matt founded Chromatik to redefine how people practice, perform, and learn music. Matt holds a BA in Saxophone Performance from UCLA and was named a CA Distinguished Arts Scholar by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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