TheOldReader:老讀者RSS閱讀平臺是一個外觀和操作與Google Reader比較相似,允許你瀏覽內容、與朋友分享、添加註釋和評論等,更重要的是支援從Google Reader或者使用該網站的OPML同步匯出,不怕丟失原來的儲存資訊。


喜歡Google Reader 的人會覺得十分熟悉,而且具備OPML 匯入功能,可以一次將Google Reader 中的RSS 轉入The Old Reader。更好的是,它也支援Google Reader 的鍵盤快速鍵。

the ultimate social RSS reader. It’s just like the old google reader, only better. We’re in beta right now, but we’re constantly working on improvements and new features.

You can sign in and start using The Old Reader with a single click. However, if you are too shy, please feel free to see our Howto or peek at the top posts of the day.



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