Prospective students and their family members often lack the time and money to travel to every campus they would like to visit. YouVisit’s proprietary technologies make it easy for you to reach them – no matter where they are in the world – to experience the next-best thing: virtual college toursYouVisit uses its proprietary technologies to develop affordable virtual campus visits for colleges and universities, enabling prospective students and their families to explore campuses online.

As the only technology company that provides campus virtual tour technology, we are recognized nationwide as a leader in the field. Unlike traditional college tours, our Virtual Visits feature walking tours with rich-media, video content and 360-degree panoramic views. Our interactive, three-dimensional virtual visits stimulate visitor engagement and interest while driving physical college campus visit, inquiries, applications, and enrollment for our partner schools.

YouVisit Virtual Visits: The Next Best Thing to Being There

In addition, we help our partner schools distribute their virtual university tours directly to prospective students, wherever they are online:

1、Your EDU Website: 3D walking tours with virtual tour guides right on your website

2、Your Facebook Page: A Facebook application to engage students worldwide

3、Mobile Apps: Mobile apps to interact with students via their smartphones

4、Other Websites: Have your 3D virtual campus tour available on popular college-selection sites

Our virtual university campus tour programs come complete with comprehensive analytics that help our partner schools measure results and improve their interactive content based on the behavior and preferences of online visitors.

Interact with Prospective Students Where They Are

College Campus Tours, Real Results

1、Opens college campuses to prospective students and their families worldwide

2、Enables colleges to reach prospective students and their families wherever they are: college websites, Facebook, Smartphones, mobile apps, etc.

3、Virtual campus tours Serves as a powerful tool for generating leads and inquiries

4、Virtual college tour Helps increase conversions in every stage of the admissions process

5、Visit U.S. colleges extends reach and diversity with out-of-state and international students

6、Offers a unique partnership model and strong, valuable analytics to help colleges gain intelligence and improve marketing programs

7、Visit Colleges showcases unique features such as; clubs, athletics, facilities, dorms and more, in the colleges you choose, to ensure the perfect match for every student.

8、Virtual Tours is the perfect tool for interacting with campus environment and its facilities, right from your computer.



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