Jacek Yerka,1952年出生于波蘭,父母均畢業於美術學院,據說,他的靈感來自童年的記憶——那些風景、感受、味道和顏色。但是對美術史熟悉的觀眾一眼就能看出,他承續的是古典而精確的佛蘭德風格。

在希羅尼穆斯·博斯(Hieronymus Bosch)和老彼得·勃魯蓋爾(Pieter Bruegel)那裡,最精細的筆觸描摹著最離奇的想象。這個傳統或明或暗一流五百年,到了亨利·盧梭和達利筆下,夢魘和現實融合為超現實主義,無疑,在美術史的意義上,Jacek Yerka是超現實主義的當代接班人。

可是,Jacek Yerka的畫中,有鮮明的“與眾不同”的東西,這個東西是一種宇宙哲學,融合了宗教與科學、悖論與奇幻、自然與機器、過去與未來,最關鍵的是,他的畫中反覆迴旋著一種“家園”之感。在家園裡,一個世界可能包含著另一個世界,一個世界可能威脅著另一個世界,一個世界可能期望著另一個世界,一個世界可能懷念另一個世界,一個世界可能基於另一個世界,一個世界可能飛向另一個世界……一個童話的甜美外殼,藏著神話的壯麗和恐怖。

Jacek Yerka has won international awards for his art, and has had exhibitions in Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Paris and London. He works and resides, with his family, in a rural enclave of his native Poland.

Born in Poland in 1952, JACEK YERKA studied fine art and graphics prior to becoming a full-time artist in 1980.

While at university, Yerka resisted the constant pressures of his instructors to adopt the less detailed, less realistic techniques that characterize so much of contemporary art.

Instead, he stubbornly continued to work in the classic, meticulous Flemish style he still favors to this day.

In the end, it was his teachers who eventually relented, finally recognizing their determined student as a brilliant (although troubling) talent.

This site has been created as a result of cooperation between Mr Jacek Yerka and Agra-Art SA, for the purpose of promoting, showing and selling the Art as well as for gathering all people who became enchanted by the worlds presented by Jacek in his paintings.

After long talks we came to the conclusion, that the Artist should focus mostly on his work, leaving the every day chores to someone who would be responsible for promotion, communication and selling.

Agra-Art, represented by Konrad Szukalski is now the sole Agent of Mr Yerka, taking care of all commercial matters (as selling, shipping, ordering) and also acting as a representative and information source.



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