PhoneDog’s content is unique in that it really speaks to the average mobile consumer in a way that they can understand with clear, concise articles, reviews, tricks and shortcuts that anyone can grasp. It explores how each phone model interrelates with different lifestyles, illustrating how one phone might be better for stock traders versus soccer moms or small business owners versus commuters.

The most popular PhoneDog offerings are the video reviews hosted by the site editors. Each month PhoneDog videos reach an average audience of over 3 million viewers.

Other unique facets of the site include ‘PhoneDog Fans’ – which provides a way for really dedicated users to contribute their own content with the chance of having it featured on the site and the ‘One Paw Bandit’ game where users have the chance to win free phone

Established in 2001, PhoneDog is a privately owned and operated company based in South Carolina.



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