Vizanime網站提供的線上動漫資源,需要代理工具才能正常收看, 因為該網站僅限美國IP的使用者收看!

VIZ Anime is the official video streaming site for VIZ Media, bringing you the best in anime. Our mission is clear: We will not rest until we’ve dried out your eyeballs and blown your mind with hour after hour of the most imaginative anime around. And then, we’ll do it again.

VIZ Anime is the place where dreams play out. Escape to thrilling worlds in the action sagas of Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, and Inuyasha: The Final Act. Immerse yourself in the dangerous universe of Death Note. Weep, feel the tension, and double up in stitches at the art-school antics of Honey and Clover and the rock ‘n’ roll drama in NANA.

We’re also featuring some gems you may not have seen yet, including the monster-hunting drama Buso Renkin, the sports-action series The Prince of Tennis and strategy-gaming adventure Hikaru no Go.



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