美國猶他州國家公園(Utah National Parks)是美國知名自然公園之一,聚集了美國國家公園系統中最令人驚歎的地貌環境,為自然愛好者和冒險愛好者獨一無二的世界級景色和休閒旅遊的機會,現在你可以通過網路來欣賞它的奇特之處。


MARTIN VAN HEMERT is a photographer based in Utah. He is actively involved in architectural and fine art photography. Martin has spent a lifetime creating and massaging photographic images. As a custom printer of photographic images, he has worked in both chemical and electronic/digital mediums extensively. As a photographer, he worked with large format films before the advent of digital imaging. His current obsession is 360° panoramas.

Born to a family of Dutch immigrants, he studied music at the University of Utah, following which he made the logical choice of a career in photography. Martin and his wife are the parents of three grown children and 2 un-grown grandchildren, and live in rural Utah County with a small herd of horses. Their rodent control staff boasts 7 members.



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