Universe Today是一個非商業的空間和天文新聞網站,成立於1999年,由Fraser Cain和Nancy Atkinson共同創辦,其中該網站的論壇創辦於2003年,為天文愛好者搭建了一個可以自己交流和釋出最新資料的平臺。

Universe Today (UT) is a non-commercial space and astronomy news site, founded in 1999[3] by Fraser Cain and edited by Nancy Atkinson.The news can then be discussed on the forums. The forum began on 24 July 2003, and was mainly used to discuss the Universe Today news as well as ask space-related questions and discuss alternate theories.[5] In early September 2005, the forum merged with that of Bad Astronomy combined to form the BAUT forum.[6] The website’s viewership attains several million people per year.

Emily Lakdawalla, of The Planetary Society, said that she relies on Universe Today and Bad Astronomy to “give … an independent look at big news stories”[9] and that UT plays a key role in space-related journalism, along with other websites such as Space.com. Several peer-reviewed papers have mentioned Universe Today as being a space-related news website.

In 2008 the site was briefly banned for about a day from Digg.com, and then unbanned.In March 2011, Businessweek reported that the site had lost 20 percent of its traffic in five days after a change in the page ranking algorithm of Google.[14] In April 2011, the Association of British Science Writers noted that Universe Today decided not to make preparations for reporting on embargoed stories until they are public knowledge.



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