TVMuse is the European platform for video content. We’re a European company oriented towards European customers. The site is divided in 5 large application areas:

1、The TV Show Guide. We structure every popular tv show, with every season and with every episode. We present over 2.000 individual tv show titles with 100.000+ episodes.

2、The Movie listings. This catalogue contains information, trailers, clips, comments and news for over 30.000 movies. Expanding daily.

3、A Site Guide collection that lists, ranks and evaluates over 2000 movie related websites. Taking precedence are movie websites that have a video component.

4、A social networking component. Any user can make an account, connect with friends, add favorite movies and create watchlists.

5、The search engine. TVMuse uses a combination of a customized version of the Google Search Engine with it’s own proprietary algorithms.



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