TradeDirectory is a global business-to-business marketplace providing absolutely free of charge B2B directory, trade leads and consultancy services to manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, buyers, importers and exporters.

As the economic uncertainties have taken hold all over the world, there was a dire need for an authentic global business-to-business marketplace. For the past few years, many such platforms have been launched periodically, but not all of them have achieved the desired level of success due to many reasons including the hefty fees, which these platforms charge their members. Sales professionals and business owners are constantly under cost constraints to pick the right trade leads at the right time in such a gloomy and stagnant economic environment.

TradeDirectory provides personalised and tailor-made services without any fees allowing businesses to expand and buyers to find products at cost-effective and competitive rates. Furthermore, Traders can build their own business networks by utilising the rich database of manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and importers freely available at TradeDirectory.



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