TheSufferFest視訊教學網站是由David McQuillen於2009年創辦,如果你瞭解這個人的自行車經歷,那麼肯定會佩服這樣一個變態級的自行車愛好者的。該網站上的視訊是收費的。

Amongst all the afflictions that torture humanity, there is one that gets almost no attention. One that numbs minds, destroys motivation and kills enthusiasm. Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome (TTBS) must stop. And here at Sufferfest Studios, from our offices in Melbourne, Australia and Singapore, we are determined to make TTBS a thing of the past. To do that, we create the hardest, most exciting, most get-on-your-bike-and-suffer-your-ass-off cycling training in the world for time-crunched athletes. They’re also funny.

Our downloadable videos are the only ones to feature officially licensed footage from races like the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, the Giro d’Italia, Tour of Flanders, the Road World Championships and more. We combine that with brilliant, hand-picked music and structured interval workouts designed by world-class coaches. On-screen instructions mean that you simply need to follow – NO THINKING REQUIRED JUST SUFFERING!!!!

You see, we want to make you faster – whether you’re a pro or a first-time newbie – and we want you to have a good time while that happens. We also strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry. The Sufferlandrian community deserves nothing less.



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