TextCutie:手機照片新增文字應用是一款漂亮的給照片新增文字的應用,支援 iPhone、Android,配上可愛的粉色介面,妹子專用。除了照片,TextCutie 還可以直接為內建模板新增文字,可以修改字型(英文字型較多)、顏色、樣式等等。


女生專用的可愛軟體,看圖你就知道為什麼是女生專用。自帶的模板和字型很多,可下載的有一小部分免費。深夜逛小眾的各位 Geeks,哄妹子的工具已經給你們了,自己發揮吧。TextCutie 在添加了文字後,還可以直接在上面用手指頭塗鴉,然後儲存分享。內建一鍵分享到 Instagram。

TextCutie can easily make your text cute with a pretty pic background.It’s cool and creative to share your thoughts,status ,favorite quotes or just a shout out on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, iMessage, Line etc.

It is an app like Textgram,InstaText, Tweegram or Versagram , Jusgramm, cool fonts, coolfonts. But it has more cute&cool fonts,themes,stickers than any one of them. More themes and stickers are released timely,such as Easter,Love etc.

I hope it will be the best free text tool for your social network. You can also use it with Picstitch, Instacollage,Instaframe,Whitagram,Fontgram,Phont,InstaMessage,Text2pic etc.



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