It all started because me and a couple of my friends din’t know where to go with our ideas and thoughts. Previously, we shared and discussed our ideas whenever we met, and that occasional rendezvous was not only immensely gratifying but also helped us refine our approach. Our ideas metamorphosized into better ones whenever we discussed them and the missing pieces automatically fell in. On further introspection we realized that it was this opportunity to share and discuss our ideas that kept us coming back to each other. As we could no longer meet in person owing to various circumstances we all are familiar with, we wanted to replicate that experience online and connect to other interesting people in that bargain.

Unfortunately there was no place for us to go. When we started discussing this with others we realized that we are not alone and there is an unmet need among those who would like to share and discuss their ideas with an enthusiastic audience.

The go to solution then was to start a blog and we all tried that. Unfortunately blogs are too isolated to connect us to the audience we seek. Statistically more than 90% of the blogs that stretch beyond a domain (topic of interest) were only read by the blogger’s friends if ever. For people like us whose only intention is to share, discover and discuss ideas, building a blog and working on its visibility meant additional work with little benefit. On the other hand social networks are hyper connected, people centric and context agnostic. Sharing our ideas there was like shouting our ideas in a birthday party. We felt we needed a smarter solution that connects us and our ideas to the audience, feedback and criticism we so desperately seek.

So we came up with Talkonomy with the sole purpose of making it easy to share, discover and discuss ideas. We believe miracles happen when ideas have sex and Talkonomy is our attempt to make this happen.



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