TAGtivate本質上是一個社會化搜尋利用網際網路中的公共資料平臺通過訂閱知名的目標內容來源,排名來篩選不相關的內容,通過TAGtivate TAGbot抓取和分析目標來源的所有文章,並指定雜湊標籤同時使用社會化排名的演算法。讓使用者充整個網際網路中獲取最佳的閱讀資源。

TAGtivate is essentially a Social Search Engine platform which takes advantage of the huge amounts of public data lying around on Social Networks and other qualified sources to organize, rank, and deliver contents to users. TAGtivate’s TAGbot crawls through and analyses all posts made on the aforementioned sources and assigns a set of hash-tags to them for organization, while using social metrics to rank the contents.

TAGtivate is a new breed of Search Engines which morphs together the concept of traditional search engines and social networks to allow you to view socially curated contents from all across the web. You can keep track of different topics by simply following the corresponding hashtags. We’ll help you stay up to date with the always evolving trends on the web!



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