SproutLing:可穿戴式母嬰監護應用是有一家母嬰監護領域的初創公司開發的,在嬰兒腳踝處的可穿戴裝置,支援藍芽,並有配套的 app 做支援。它可監測嬰兒睡眠情況、心率以及周邊環境溫溼度。家長可在app中瞭解這些實時資料,並在出現異常時收到提醒。


這個產品的設計團隊也是被稱為童車界勞斯萊斯的童車品牌 Bugaboo 的設計師。聯合創始人 Chris Bruce 還說 Sproutling 公司要做的就是用裝置和資料幫助家長更好地養育小孩,以後還會推出不同的智慧裝置。【詳情】

If you don’t understand why a baby would need a wearable device, chances are you don’t have kids.

Paraphrasing film producer Judd Apatow, Sproutling CEO Chris Bruce said: “You don’t really know whats it’s like to be a parent until it’s 3 a.m. and you’re 4 inches away from your baby’s face trying see if they’re breathing,” he said.

An understanding of experience is at the core of Sproutling, which is creating a wearable baby monitor that not only helps parents keep track of their babies’ vitals but also uses the data it collects to help them make decisions.



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