Spatulatta 網站提供的各種食物製作視訊內容都是非常簡單就可以完成的,每一步做法都是視訊全稱指導,非常適合孩子們在安全的可操作範圍之內。

Besides our the website, Spatulatta produces quality television and video programs for children and adults in the field of cooking, health, nutrition and kitchen safety.

We present cooking demonstrations and classes at schools, libraries, street fairs and conventions. With content easily accessible by both children and adults, our demonstrations and classes include information about nutrition, basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and how food figures into our culture.

We also provide in-service training on nutrition, health and kitchen safety for teachers, social workers and child care providers.

Award-winning content producers, Spatulatta can publish brochures and other printed material in the area of nutrition and kitchen safety for your organization.



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