I really like the two rules that Soulmix sets for its users. Anything related to living a good life is fine but… don’t be an asshole. Soulmix is a news and lifestyle social search engine with benefits. It gives you a place to share the beauties of life and discuss and ask questions about the important things that matter in life. You can share websites and photos and add and vote on both yours and others’ posts. Earn karma votes when you post or have a comment upvoted by another member of the community. Soulmix wants you not only to have a good life yourself…but they also want you to share it with the community!

Soulmix only really cares about one thing. How do you live a good life? This may sound like a simple question but life is anything but simple and we only get one life with so many questions and challenges to figure out. How do you determine your values? How do you set and go after your goals? How do you choose and manage your career? How do you balance work and life? How do you manage your relationships?

The list goes on! Fortunately, Soulmix is here to help. Soulmix is a community for sharing, discussing and curating the best content on living a good life. You can share anything that interests you with respect to living a good life. Share both images and websites and simply click the ‘+Add’ button in the navigation bar to share. The most recently posted items show up in the ‘New’ page which is reachable from the top navigation bar. The Soulmix front page, or the ‘Hot’ page, displays the most popular recently shared posts.

New posts start with single vote from the user that posted it. If you like a post then simply upvote the post by clicking the upvote button at the top left corner of each post. By upvoting, you have a say in which posts make it to the ‘Hot’ page! Upvoting to the post will also save the post to your own profile page. Your karma count is one way of measuring your good-will within the Soulmix community and you get a karma point for each post and comment you contribute to the community. Finally, you can organize your favorite upvoted posts by putting them in collections.

Soulmix is a very interesting social app that aims to put quality content on the table in front of you by connecting you with all the good things in life. You can discover, collect and share your favorite websites and photos as well as gaining good karma points when you post of have a fellow member like one of your comments. Quite simple really.

Soul mix is an app that is full of optimism and easy to use. It features a very low key interface that makes it simple to find all the positive material that’s out there as well as connecting with like-minded people. If its good news and good karma you are seeking, Soulmix could well be a good place to start. It’s a social search engine with benefits…and no assholes, hopefully.



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