SongCrate:線上音樂視訊搜尋網是一個致力於讓音樂愛好者用最簡單的方式來獲取音樂視訊資源,搜尋-播放-分享-播放列表;SongCrate 可以讓你搜索任何歌曲,並且可以線上播放,並將其新增到播放列表迴圈收看。




We set out make make a better way to search, play and share music and crates (playlist). SongCrate lets you search for any song, play them, add it to a crate and share them with friends anywhere on the web.

There is NO software to install and it works on any device mobile, tablet, desktop/laptop, game console, web TV etc. Because your music can be played on any web device without downloads or logging in you always have your music with you no matter where you are and we believe that’s the way music should be!

You don’t have to join to enjoy SongCrate just search for the song you want to hear and play it or play any crate. If you want to make your own crates, save songs to your favorites or follow people with similar taste in music. You can join with FaceBook or Email (it’s 100% FREE) and dive right in! Simply search for the song or artist you want and with one click “Like” it or add it to a crate. When you find other crates you like with one click hit “Save” and you just copied that crate. Now you’re free to remix that crate and easily delete or add songs to your newly saved crate.

Invite friends and follow them or people can follow you or discover new people to follow. On your profile page you can have a bio and links back to your blog, site, FaceBook page etc.

When you play a song you will see small tabs on the right side where you can see related songs, other members who “liked” it, live Twitter feed, and the lyrics to the song plus make comments.

The web is a great place and there are some great sites that allow a site like SongCrate to exist. We wanna give a shout out to,,,,, iTunes and Amazon and say Thanks!



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