The WishList is one of the things that sets Seed&Spark apart: it’s a crowdfunding tool that works like a wedding registry, so your supporters know exactly what you need to make your film. You give your audience access to the “magic of filmmaking” and you let them choose their own story of how they helped to make your movie. The personal connection with your project makes your supporters more likely to stick around to see what happens with their WishList item, support with their continuing engagement, and share their new project with their friends.

Here’s how you build it:

Use the drop down menu to select the item you need, or search the database by keyword. If your keyword comes up with a match in our database, you can simply insert it into the form. If you can’t find an item you want, click “Add Custom Item,” and make your own. You will be adding to the database for those that come after you, so thanks! (And, y’know, don’t use profanity here, the custom item still has to comply with our Terms of Service.)

Set the price you want to collect for that item, and select the unit you want to break it down into: by day, by hour, per item, etc. For example: “Sound Design” “$100” per “hour” Quantity: “10”. That’s 10 hours of a sound designer’s time at $100 per hour.

Fill out the text box to help your audience understand why you need that item, or just use the chance to be clever.

Click “Add to WishList.”

Lather, rinse, repeat, until you’ve amassed the list of items with which you can seriously go out and make your movie.

Take a look at a the end result, it’s super simple:



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