1、Browser-based synchronization technology (patent-pending), where your video and a document is synchronized directly on the SciVee site.

2、Software as a Service, so the customer does not need to invest in new software or worry about IT administration.

3、A DIY (do it yourself) model, such that authors can create and upload videos quickly, easily and cheaply with minimal help from editors, publishers or SciVee.

4、SciVee products are easily integrated into current production workflows of publishers and other content providers.

5、A public website that is open for users to access and researchers to upload videos of interest, and a distribution option for publishers and other content providers.

SciVee was founded in 2007 by two well known researchers, Phil Bourne of UC San Diego and Leo Chalupa of UC Davis, as a science community site to promote researchers’ work and collaboration. After initial success, we have expanded our mission to provide rich media solutions to the scientific, technical and medical market. Our innovations in scientific and scholarly communications enhance knowledge discovery and collaboration. The text-only world of scholarly publishing no longer suffices in the age of Internet video and social media. In science, as in life, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. SciVee makes science visible.



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