RAMP的專利Media Cloud平臺集合了音訊,視訊,影象以及文字等元素,並用自然語言技術將這些元素融為為一體。使用該平臺後,客戶可以充分地利用其內容,提高使用者參與度,並通過先進的廣告功能,最大限度的提高收入。RAMP為出版商提供了一個開放的、靈活的、模組化的平臺來優化網站內容。


RAMP has developed the Web’s first Content Optimization platform, and is the only universal solution for all types of web content – video, audio, text and images. Using RAMP, our customers are able to fully leverage the value of all of their content assets by driving increased discovery across search and social sites, enhance user engagement through dynamic search and publishing solutions, and maximize revenue through sophisticated advertising capabilities.

RAMP is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and based on a number of proprietary core technologies, products, and solutions is backed by more than 20 patents in natural language processing, speech to text technologies, and more. Developed with more than $100M investment by one of the world’s leading research organizations for processing all types of digital content – video, audio, text and images – RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content in dynamic publishing environments across web, mobile, and connected devices.



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