Psykoo is a new search experience.With PsykOo you will find what you’re looking for faster!Since you can preview websites before you get there.1 Picture is worth a 1000 words». That’s true!Words take a lot more time to process than images.

So that will dramatically decrease the errors that you make trying a bunch of websites and going back.It’s also great for discovering things you would never have noticed otherwise.

An other problem with Google or Bing is that they know so much about you. In fact they know where you live,what you searched for and what you like!Who cares right?Except those data will follow you around on multiple websites, That’s why you keep seeing the same ads again and again everywhere you go!

They call that ‘targeting’, but one could call that ‘stalking’.If you take privacy seriously. Psykoo is for you.We want the best search experience for you.And that’s why we also care about your privacy.



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