Protein Shaker Bottle

Protein Shaker Bottle是搖搖杯有限公司網站,是一家專業的塑膠瓶瓶和運動水瓶供應商成立於2003年。有5000多平方米的標準工業工廠和部門負責研發、注塑、吹塑、絲網印刷、UV印刷、組裝。特別是我們提供非常高品質的瓶瓶歐洲和美國市場,以及我們與許多大公司有一個很好的合作在美國和歐洲。

Protein Shaker Bottle

TOP PROMO CO., LIMITED is a professional plastic shaker bottle and sports water bottle supplier established in 2003. TOP PROMO owns more than 5000 square meters standard industrial factory and departments responsible for R&D, injection molding, blow molding, silk screen printing,UV printing and assembly.

Especially we supply very high quality shaker bottles to European and American markets, and we have a very good cooperation with many large companies in USA and European. TOP PROMO keep “Quality First, Customer First,100% Satisfaction” as its operation guideline.Our professional team always provide the best quality,best service and best price for you,also we will continue to improve itself and we sincerely welcome you to contact us!



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