普羅伯特百科全書(Probert Encyclopaedia)是一個網際網路執行時間最長,規模最大和最著名的百科全書之一,成立於1993年;以其原創性,可靠性和完整性聞名於世。



Established in 1993, The Probert Encyclopaedia is one of the World Wide Web’s longest running, largest and most celebrated independent encyclopaedias famed for its originality, reliability and integrity. Because we are independent we can be different.

The Probert Encyclopaedia strives to provide accurate, reliable information to everyone. In March 2013 The Probert Encyclopaedia became part of the New Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge (NSDK), a not-for-profit organisation providing free information through the World Wide Web.

The Probert Encyclopaedia is a fully searchable encyclopedia and English dictionary, and you can browse the various subject sections using the navigation menu to the left. Each article is fully hyperlinked to associated articles, and related articles can be retrieved with a single mouse click by selecting the ‘Research’ link at the end of the topic.



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