PrePlay 會向提供賽事資料的公司購買實時資料,快速處理後在應用中顯示玩家預測結果是否正確。與此同時引入社交元素使遊戲更有趣,在 PrePlay 中可與朋友 PK 積分、比拼預測能力,還能同其他體育迷一起線上討論賽事。PrePlay 現在共有 10 萬註冊使用者,平臺上共積累了 800 萬份預測資料,之後它還會覆蓋更多賽事類別。其CEO Andrew Daines是把PrePlay當做第二屏互動服務。同時,他們不僅限於體育比賽,PrePlay表示可將平臺擴大到其他節目。

PrePlay is the world’s leading predictive game studio. We create mobile and tablet games designed and engineered to enhance the experience of watching sports, reality, talent, and award shows on TV. PrePlay users compete in worldwide social contests that involve predicting the outcomes of events they are watching unfold on live TV.

PrePlay provides end-to-end solutions on all of its products; from design and development, all done in-house, to maintenance and full customer service and support. With offices in New York and Paris, PrePlay is an international game studio with an experienced team fully committed to bringing predictive games to TV viewers everywhere.



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