What is a PicBadge?

PicBadges are overlays that can be added to pictures. They come in many shapes and colors.Add a PicBadge as a way to support a cause, raise awareness, or show off something you really like.Create your own PicBadges for yourself, for everyone or for an exclusive group of people.

PicBadges is a meteoric social platform, allowing people and businesses to create and share ideas, activities, events, and interests on top of profile pictures.With more than 15M registered users all around the world, PicBadges is a rising star in the social web arena.

Some of the businesses that created PicBadges through our service gained a great boost to their social awareness by reaching an enormous amount of “Adders” (people who have worn their picbadge on their pictures). Among the businesses and organizations which are already using PicBadges you can find Starbucks, eBay, Disney, MTV, Swatch, Pearl Jam, Huggies, VH1, Nikon, the UN, Nicolas Sarkozi, Rockstar, Vodafone, Spartan Race, Trivium, Guiness, The Republic of Peru, Seventeen, Waze, Fring, and many many more.



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